Healing in nature. Distant healing



If you would like distance healing, or to request it for a friend or loved one, please fill out the form below. Healing will be sent daily for 4 weeks.  If after this time you’d like to request further distant healing, please re-submit the form again. This service is free so a donation is not necessary but of course if you'd like to make one it would be appreciated. Any questions please feel free to contact either by telephone 07949 141400 or by email.  Thank you.



Please type in the names of the people you are requesting healing for and any other information you'd like to submit.

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“Forgive other people before you ask for forgiveness… As you forgive, you will be forgiven.  For forgiveness releases long standing negative emotions; therefore it is therapeutic"

“The way to overcome fear is simply to do what is right.”

The Healer

When Jeremy was asked about his healing success rate, he replied, “I have never healed anyone, ever."

Jeremy  clearly states, “Healing only occurs when the 'healer' connects to, and allows a 'Higher Power' an 'Invisible Infinite Power' to operate. It is 'THAT' that heals, not the healer.” Read more about Jeremy.


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